Plato de Clutch NAC5600P

₡ 74.500,00
  • Marca: Namcco
  • Disponibilidad: Agotado

NAMCCO was established in the United States in 1991. Nevertheless, our experience with Clutch Components goes back to 1968. The founding partners of the company started as clutch rebuilders more than 45 years ago.

All Fitments

Make Model Year Fuel Notes
CHEVROLET LUV 2005 Diesel Camioneta DMAX 3L
CHEVROLET NKR/NHR 1994-2007 FZ - FJ80 Turbo 2a. Serie/NHR Reward
ISUZU ELF 2003    Elf Camión de plataforma/Chasis (NKR8, NKQ8), 2.8 TD 
ISUZU ELF 2003   Elf Furgón (NKR8), 2.8 TD 
ISUZU TROOPER II 1991-1998   SUV (UB), 3.1 TD
ISUZU TROOPER II 1991-1998   UV Cabrio (UB), 3.1 TD
OPEL CAMPO 1992-2001   (TF0, TF1), 3.1 TD
OPEL CAMPO 1992-2001   (TF0, TF1), 3.1 TD 4x4,
OPEL FRONTERA A 1995-1996   Sport SUV Cabrio (U92), 2.8 TD
OPEL FRONTERA A 1995-1998   SUV (U92), 2.8 TD
OPEL MONTERREY A 1991-1998   (M92), 3.1 TD
VAUXHALL FRONTERA 1995-1996   Mk1 (A) SUV (U92), 2.8 TD
VAUXHALL MONTERREY 1991-1998   Mk1 (M92), 3.1 TD